Entertainment Excellence Since 1968

Home Theater

When you want a high performance, a high value home theater, an integrated multi-media space in your company office or conference center, or simply an audio video presentation room we deliver. Come see today's incredible values with us.

Music Anywhere

From a suburban home to a country estate, no job is too big or too small for our talented technicians. Through discovery and design to engineering, deployment and support, when you want a high quality result deal with the high quality company - make a deal with us.

AV System Integration

Many multi-room AV systems, home theater systems, portable electronics and other systems can be automated to simplify your daily routines - we put it all together, make sure it works right and stays that way. Get informed with us.

State Of The Art Showroom

The Best Brands

We love the brands we sell. We own the brands we sell. Come audition our state-of-the-art McIntosh Reference Home Theater and Hi Fi systems. Experience B&W, Magnapan, NAD and more in our showroom.

AV & Hi Fi Specialists

Our staff receives intensive ongoing training to stay on the cutting edge of audio-video technology and we pride ourselves on being the best at what we say we do!

Media Rooms

Electronics are only part of the total system! We design and engineer custom home media rooms to surpass your expectations. With our carpentry, cabinet and electrical resources we can put together the media room you want with the performance you crave.

Any Size, Any Space

Custom Solutions

From a condo or suburban home to a country estate, if you want the very best in home entertainment we have it and can design the best system to fit your needs.

Easy Process

Our low key, “tell not sell” approach allows you to learn, build then buy what suits you best. We believe in educating and working with customers to help you find what you want... not what we ‘need’ to sell.

Customer Satisfaction

Our results speak for themselves. Ask any of our customers and you’ll hear a consistent chorus of compliments even years after the system was installed or the project completed. Your satisfaction drives our success.